Bauer Supreme M3 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

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 The Supreme M3 skate is designed for competitive players looking for the best bang for their buck. The Digi Comp quarter makes the boot lighter, helping you get a faster, more explosive stride. Its soft, sublimated microfiber liner provides step-in comfort while the LS Edge holder makes it easy to swap steel for those carrying a mix of profiled blades. 


  • Digi Comp quarter makes the skate more comfortable and reduces weight over the S37 skate 

  • Traditional facing helps players flex over their toes and provides wrap on top of the foot to maintain comfort 

  • 40oz Felt Tongue is a great option for players offering more comfort and ease of flex 

  • LS Edge holder offers reliability and the ability to change steel quickly 

  • The symmetrical toe cap makes the boot more comfortable by adding slightly more room at the very front