Boot Heat Moulding & Skate Sharpen

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For a truly custom fit, skates are heated in our ice skate boot oven to make them soft and durable. The heat moulding is carried out at our both our Swindon & Bristol stores by one of our trained technicians, who will also be happy to offer advice.

We offer ‘while you wait’ Blademaster Certified skate sharpening in Store providing depths of grind to suit every skater. This ensures a responsive skate and greater control when skating.

Choose up to 5 different blade hollows:

3/4″ | 5/8″ | 1/2″ | 7/16″ | 3/8″

No pre-booking is necessary but please allow 30 minutes for this process, our last availability is 30 minutes before closing.

We offer complementary heat moulding  & skate sharpen with every pair of new skates purchased.