CCM Jetspeed FT475 Junior Shoulder Pads

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New lightweight protective gear to keep you at the top of your game. Jetspeed is synonymous with mobility - you can ensure your inner speed freak will move swiftly on the ice, while being protected.

These new tapered designs have been optimised to provide the ultimate range of movement while featuring specs and technology to help keep you safe from impacts. move at your top speed without being weighed down.


Construction - Single Layer Construction with PE Foam. Reliable protection with a light feel ideal for the recreational player

Caps - JDP Design Caps with Moulded PE. Made from lightweight PE plastic, these caps deliver high-level protection

Torso - PE Foam Base + High Cut Bottom Front Panel. Lightweight fit that delivers great protection and allows fast moves

Biceps - PE Moulded Cap + Length Adjustment. Custom comfort fit and excellent protection

Sternum/Spine - Anatomical Moulded PE Sternum and Spine. Must-have protection where it counts

Clavicle - Built-in Lightweight Foam. Integrated segmented clavicle protection