Green Biscuit Pro Stick Handling Puck

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The Green Biscuit Snipe Training Hockey Puck is skillful in improving your sniping performance.

The Green Biscuit Snipe puck is an off-ice training hockey puck that helps develop exceptional shooting skills. Some noticeable features that differentiate it from its prototype are its shooting capability and increased durability, weight, material, and colour scheme.

Compared to the original plastic material the durability of the new Green Biscuit Snipe puck is able to endure high amounts of impact, which means less shattering against posts and sides boards. The Green Biscuit Snipe puck weighs 5.2 oz in comparison to the original green biscuit weighing in at 4.6 oz. An average puck weighs between 5-6 oz; therefore, the added weight gives a more realistic shot feel making it more applicable to game time situations.The material is comprised of a rubber component making it more reliable when performing an array of shot types. When performing a passing motion, the new rubber component doesn't slide as easily on hard surfaces, as its intended use is primarily for shooting. Therefore, if you are looking for a passing type puck the original green biscuit will be more suitable. Lastly, the color scheme consists of darker green shading, which makes the puck more visible when playing.

Designed for shooting