Warrior Alpha FR Pro Senior Hockey Gloves

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The Warrior Alpha FR Pro Glove sports a classic 4-roll design but with a modern take on the traditional fit. Volume remains in the fingers and cuff for excellent wrist mobility but Warrior contoured the backhand for a slightly more anatomical feel for responsiveness.

The fingers, backhand, and finger block protection package is comprised of Warrior's Impax Foam, a memory-like VN Foam reinforced with plastic inserts that provide elite-level impact protection against blocked shots or stick slashes. Warrior then beefed up the outside of the pinky to add more protection and coverage that was lacking in years past.

The Alpha FR Pro comes with Warrior's exclusive Buttersoft Feel, which is the blend of stretch nylon finger gussets, stretch backhand, and two-piece thumb. They work together to provide a truly broken-in feel straight out of the box. The Pro Ivory Clarino palm smooths everything together to give players a professional-like feel for stickhandling, shooting, and passing.