Whatever your skate servicing needs, our highly skilled and experienced staff can increase the comfort and durability of your skates. To find out more, please browse our full range of services below.

Elite Fitting Service

We believe that equipment fitting is very important. Getting the right product that fits correctly is essential. We size up, fit and adjust all the equipment that we sell in-store. Our staff have many years of ice hockey experience and are more than happy to answer your questions or offer advice.

We offer a one-to-one personal fitting service which is operated out of shop hours. This service is free of charge and we welcome customers to make a half-hour appointment.

Ice Skate Sharpening

Our Blademaster Certified skate sharpening service provides depths of grind to suit every skater. This ensures a responsive skate and greater control when skating. Choose up to 6 different blade hollows, including:

3/4″ | 5/8″ | 1/2″ | 7/16″ | 3/8″ | 5/16″

We offer a complementary sharpen with every pair of new skates purchased.

Heat Moulding

For a truly custom fit, skates are heated in our ice skate boot oven to make them soft and durable. The heat moulding is carried out at our Swindon workshop by one of our trained technicians, who will also be happy to offer advice. We offer a complementary heat moulding with every pair of new skates purchased.

Boot Stretching

The boot stretcher is a press-like machine that pushes the boot out a little to relieve any pressure points, most commonly on the ankle. Stretching can be arranged with one of our highly trained staff at our Swindon-based workshop.

Skate Profiling

Essentially, profiling is grinding and shaping the “rocker” radius of the skate blade.  It’s a bit like adjusting the rockers on a rocking chair – the rockers’ curve determines how quickly the chair rocks. In the same way, by adjusting the profile of your skate blade, we can optimise how it performs.

We can shape the profile of your blades to suit your skating style. This service is available from our Swindon-based workshop where our expert team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Skate Conversions

Skate conversions have recently become more popular and allow for a custom set-up. We can convert ice skates to roller skates or vice versa, and the service can be carried out on most boots.

We can fit the old chassis from your inline skates onto a new or old ice skate boot. Please contact us to find out more.

Blade Replacement

If you have a worn or broken blade, we can help! We stock a full range of blades suitable for all ice skates and can fit and sharpen them in our workshop.

Rivet and Eyelet Replacement

We can replace worn and rusted rivets and eyelets in our workshop while you wait!

Jackson Figure Skates

We are a Jackson Figure Skate Pro Seller, and as such can offer everything in the Jackson range – all at competitive prices.